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Income Protection Insurance Plans Hertforshire

Income Protection Insurance Plans Hertforshire

Income Protection Insurance

Life can be a handful at times, how would you cope if the unthinkable happened? If you cannot work due to an accident, sickness or redundancy, how would you maintain your lifestyle?

State benefits will only provide up to *£99.15 a week , subject to assessment. Can you manage on that?
*standard rate of long term incapacity benefit for a single person after 14 weeks of incapacity

We have a variety of insurance plans that can provide a tax free monthly income when you are suffering short or long term sickness, had an accident that prevents you working, or are made redundant. This income can be used to remove the financial stress at an unbearable and difficult time for you. We give advice on and arrange Income Protection Insurance Plans as well as Accident, Sickness & Unemployment (ASU) (through redundancy) insurance throughout Hertfordshire.

Income Protection Plans (Permanent Health Insurance) protect you in the event of long term illness, whereas Accident Sickness & Unemployment (ASU) or Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) policies protect you against the effects of short term sickness.

You may already have Critical Illness Cover to protect you in the event of serious illness, but more people are affected by lesser ailments that prevent them from working. Income Protection covers you for things such as back injuries, broken limbs, stress, depression etc

We compare income protection insurance quotes from a number of insurers to ensure we are getting the best income protection insurance policy that meets your needs. At the same time, we also explore whether you would benefit from obtaining Critical Illness Cover (CIC) and Life Insurance.

We will always emphasise the importance of having adequate insurance cover in case of the unthinkable happening. It is not a pleasant subject, but it is a simple process to provide you with peace of mind that the essentials of life are taken care of.

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We offer products from a limited number of insurers for life assurance, critical illness cover, income protection, buildings and contents insurance and accident, sickness and unemployment insurance. Ask us for a list of insurers we offer insurance from.